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The world of Yoga is vast, diverse, and deeply rooted in profound philosophical traditions of India. In the West we are most familiar with Hatha Yoga, which focuses on physical postures, or asana. But yoga is more than a sophisticated system of exercise, or a method of health cultivation, although it definitely is both those things. Yoga offers something even more rare and valuable: a doorway into the fullness of our experience as embodied beings. It invites us to relax, to feel, to breathe and move with mindfulness, and to cultivate awareness of our present experience. It provides us a space to explore, to challenge ourselves, to grow, and to discover and align with our deepest aspirations. And it is fun!

Body Balance Yoga, established in 1990
by Jenny Otto, blends the wisdom of traditional yoga practice and instruction with an exploration of anatomy and therapeutics to create a system focused on deep awareness of body-mind integration. As a certified Body Balance Yoga Therapy instructor, I draw upon a wealth of innovative tools and techniques developed by Jenny and other Body Balance Yoga teachers. I also incorporate ideas inspired by my studies with a wide-ranging variety of teachers of yoga, meditation, movement and therapeutics.

About my classes at Living Yoga:

My goal as a teacher is to share the gifts of yoga with students of all levels. We will delve into many dimensions of yoga--playful and challenging, meditative and exploratory, therapeutic and self-nurturing--cultivating perceptions and skills for a more fully embodied life. Becoming familiar with the poses of traditional asana practice, students will learn principles that easily translate into daily life--how to sit, stand and move with healthy alignment, balance and grace. And perhaps the greatest life skill of all is acquiring the habit of wakeful presence with whatever is happening in each moment. It is my greatest reward to observe the transformations that unfold as we undertake these simple but profound practices.

Each 75 minute class (see Schedule for times) includes a brief centering and meditation, warmups and asana practice, and closes with relaxation. Classes will vary from week to week, and over time will cover all the categories of poses--standing, seated, supine, backbends, forward bends, inversions, and twists. We will explore different aspects of anatomy and alignment, and different styles of practice, including restoratives. Classes may draw inspiration from nature or from current events, from yoga or Buddhist philosophy, from poetry, literature, scientific research or personal epiphany. And though classes provide a unique opportunity for individual feedback and the richness of learning with a group, it is also my hope that students will eventually become independent enough in their practice that yoga will serve them as a lifelong resource for self-care and self-discovery.

Workshops and Special Series Classes:
I periodically offer special workshops and series classes. Check the Schedule page for upcoming events,
or sign up for my email notifications.

Private lessons and Yoga Therapy: In addition to group classes and workshops, I work with students in private sessions to focus on individual concerns, to gain deeper understanding of alignment or to work toward personal goals in practice. I also work with individuals to develop programs of Yoga Therapy to address injuries, physical restriction or limitations, or to cultivate healthier postural patterns.

Private sessions can be scheduled by contacting me
at Five Seasons Acupuncture & Healing Arts.