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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

“I have suffered from migraine headaches for about twenty years.  After many unsuccessful doctor visits (usually combined with unsuccessful medications), I decided to try acupuncture.  Jeanne Ann was recommended to me and I will never regret making that call.  Not only did her treatments help me to stop taking migraine medications altogether, but I also sought her help at the age of 40 to get pregnant.   My three year old daughter is evidence of that success!”

"When I first saw Jeanne Ann for treatment eight years ago, it was for a very specific issue. As that condition resolved, it became clear that I had benefited in many other ways from the simple act of placing myself in her care. Even without a specific complaint, I always feel better after a treatment, and I have seen Jeanne Ann once a month for all the many years since that first appointment. My quality of life and my outlook have been enriched and enlivened by Jeanne Ann's skill as a practitioner and by her profound compassion as a fellow human being."

“I came to Jeanne Ann after five years of struggling with infertility. My husband and I had undergone three artificial insemination attempts and one IVF cycle, all unsuccessful. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture in IVF cycles, and had been to a walk-in clinic and liked the way I felt after acupuncture. After the failed IVF cycle, I began to read a lot about Eastern approaches to fertility and realized that I wanted to work with an acupuncturist who also used herbs and had experience in fertility/infertility.

From my first appointment with Jeanne Ann, I knew I was in good hands. She took so much time learning about my history and current challenges with getting pregnant, and mapped out a plan for the next several months. Jeanne Ann is not only incredibly understanding and caring, but also extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her craft. I saw her for weekly acupuncture treatments and usually left with another formulation of herbs designed to regulate my menstrual cycle. The previous years had been a roller coaster of emotions and worry over getting pregnant, but Jeanne Ann helped me to calm down and become patient and accepting of my body. I looked forward to our weekly appointments, and her office became a sanctuary for me.

After 3 months, my menstrual cycle started to regulate, and less than 4 months after my first appointment with Jeanne Ann, I was pregnant. I firmly believe that the combination of acupuncture, herbs, yoga, and modified diet did what "modern medicine" couldn't--help me conceive. I continued to see Jeanne Ann throughout my pregnancy, which helped control morning sickness during my first trimester, and contributed to a very healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. Just over a year after my first appointment with Jeanne Ann, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is now almost 10 months old, and I am back seeing Jeanne Ann for monthly acupuncture appointments to help conceive again.

I can't say enough about working with Jeanne Ann, and I have recommended her to several friends who are struggling with infertility. My husband and I will forever be grateful to her for giving us the most amazing gift of the family we wanted so badly.”

“I knew that acupuncture could work; I had seen the results in others. Before I started I was weak and sick every day. The treatments have loosened tight muscles and lessened my pain. The release has been a giant step towards a stronger, healthier body and a wonderful sense of well-being. Jeanne Ann has worked with me to address each problem area. I am a work in progress with more good days than I had hoped for.”

“My experience with acupuncture treatment has truly been a gift! I originally sought treatment for foot pain when my podiatrist was ready to do exploratory surgery. Thankfully a friend referred me to Jeanne Ann and the rest is history. It has been about 5 years since my first visit and I have gone for everything from anxiety to allergy relief to neck pain and stiffness. I am always amazed and sometimes surprised at the relief that always follows a visit. It is always a pleasure to receive these relaxing treatments, made more so by Jeanne Ann’s wonderfully professional and kind manner!”

“My experience with choosing acupuncture as an alternative treatment has been very positive. In the beginning I was a little apprehensive, but after several treatments I’ve experience more comfort and ease of motion. I’m amazed at how well the body responds to this type of treatment. It’s hard to imagine that a small needle placed in strategic places in the body can open up so much energy and pulsation.”

“Jeanne Ann Whittington is a professional.  I am an acupuncture client who is very satisfied with the treatments I have received.  She has helped me with my balance, my appetite, my body temperature, my feet and my neck. She is gentle and cares about your quality of life. I was surprised when she focused on my feet the first visit I had with her.  She gave me exercises to do that have helped me with my balance.  I didn’t expect that from an acupuncturist!!”


“Jeanne Ann’s class is Yoga asana meets yoga philosophy, proper body alignment and fun. I haven’t seen my chiropractor since I started this class.”

"I have attended Jeanne Ann's Anusara Inspired Yoga class for a year and a half. She has a talent for challenging each individual to grow in a way that feels completely safe and respectful. Yoga practice for me is as much a spiritual exercise as a physical one, and I find this class to be a perfect fit. New techniques, inspiring meditations and changing goals keep me engaged and motivated to attend this class; Jeanne Ann's personal insights and calm open attitude keep me committed to this teacher in particular."

“Jeanne Ann is extremely approachable and knowledgable.  She readily and easily fields my many questions and is a real pro.  I feel light as a feather after yoga class yet I sleep like a stone... thank you, Jeanne Ann!”

"Jeanne Ann brings to her yoga classes a delightful combination of "inspiration and perspiration". I love her thoughtful introductions which help to create an analog between the practice of Anusara yoga and the "practice of life". With an abiding focus on Anusara's principles of alignment, Jeanne Ann has helped me create a foundation for my practice that will serve me well for a lifetime - both physically and spiritually."

“Yoga has made an incredible impact on my life. It is truly both restorative and therapeutic. My consistent practice has helped me in a variety of ways. I definitely feel stronger, have more energy and it has improved my ability to focus. More importantly, it has helped me to look beyond my physical challenges. I’m learning to listen to my body and to treat it with respect. My mind, body and spirit have gained a great deal from the practice of yoga.”

“I know Jeanne Ann as a wonderful colleague and superb Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. However, I only recently started to know her as a yoga instructor. She has taught me so much more about muscles and bones than I ever learned in anatomy class. I have learned how to feel and isolate muscles in ways I never imagined before. Her instructions are so clear and understandable. I have learned to stretch my mind and body in a way I never learned in previous yoga classes. She teaches amazing breakdowns and understanding of each pose. I learn so much in each class. I hope to continue long term with her.”